Who is a Loss Assessor?

Who are Loss Assessors

What a Loss Assessor is:

A Loss Assessor will help to ensure that the policy holders receive the best settlement from their insurer. This is compared to a smaller sum which a loss adjuster might provide and what the insurer would rather pay. A loss assessor will attend to you straight away and prepare the claim for you. They will also negotiate the best terms of settlement on your behalf.

What a Loss Assessor does:

Loss assessors will set a meeting date or talk to your insurance company directly. This will save you the hassle and stress of doing it all yourself. They will also prepare all of the claim for you so you don’t have to worry. Loss Assessors will make sure that all damaged property is properly recorded and sent to your insurer.

Loss Assessors also negotiate with your insurer to get the best possible settlement for your claim. This will ensure that everything is returned to pre-accident state. They also deal with claims that the insurance company has declined. Where problems or delays have occurred when agreeing on the settlement fee a loss assessor will help.

Have any other enquiries on what a Loss Assessor may do? Please visit this website: www.publiclossassessors.com or feel free to call us on 0800 865 4999.

The difference between Loss Adjusters and Loss Assessors:

Loss Adjusters and Loss Assessors are both insurance claim professionals but there is one key difference between them both. This key difference is that Loss Adjusters work for the insurance company and they represent their interests. They choose what items will be paid for and what won’t be paid for.

On the other hand, Loss Assessors work for you and their responsibility is protecting your interests. Loss Assessors will deal with your insurers and their Loss Adjusters on your behalf and will protect your interests every step of the way, so you receive the best and most comprehensive settlement under the terms of your insurance policy.

The benefits of using a Public Loss Assessor:

The benefits of choosing Public Loss Assessors is that they work entirely for you. They make sure you get the best settlement fee and that your insurers do not underpay for the repairs. They also handle the claims process, so it’s a lot less stressful towards you and your household. The claims process is completed as soon as possible.

Another benefit of using a Public Loss Assessors is you won’t have to pay a penny until after it’s settled. That is if you choose one of their recommended contractors to complete your repairs. In this case then the help from Public Loss Assessors come at absolutely no cost. PLA also always keep the client up to date with the whole ordeal. We keep in touch through the claim process and always keep your interests as a priority when we are dealing with the claims.